Some very amusing "countdowns" for you

Jul!a Jul!a
Ok, we've praised for its humorous articles before, but I saw a few of their countdown lists recently, and I just had to share them. Some of you might disagree with the 5 artistic geniuses who only became great after selling out, but after looking through that article, they made some very good points. I also agreed with most of the 6 heroic movie deaths that could have been easily avoided. The ones I didn't agree with? Were the ones I have no comment on, as I haven't seen those movies. But again, some very compelling arguments here. There's also the 5 creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted, and on the tangent of video games (couldn't resist) are the 7 commandments all video games should obey. And if you ever watch the show Hoarders, or don't mind some disturbing imagery, you might also enjoy 7 steps to become the ultimate hoarder.

Ok, so maybe they're not all countdowns, but I thought they were all good enough to share. So you should go check them out!
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Jobthingy Jobthingy
I would just like to say that the guy in #5 of the hoarders list is so freakin dreamy I can no longer contain myself.
Jul!a Jul!a
I'm here with a few more for you!

Ok, so this one's not a countdown, but Employee Archetypes was pretty funny anyway. Hollywood's 6 favorite offensive stereotypes, the 6 most ingenious misuses of military hardware, 8 movie posters that look exactly the same, and I thought 7 Kama Sutra tips that will put you in the hospital was especially fitting for this crowd.
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