Strange Pets

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Strange Pets

freshbananas freshbananas
What the strangest pet you've ever had?

Chickens for me
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MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Lizards that I caught at cross-country camp in high school and/or hermit crabs....LOL
Clandestine Clandestine
Chickens? I think I might like having two or three... I find them cute, and wouldn't mind fresh eggs. Maybe that's just too much Harvest Moon talking, but still...

My strangest pet... Actually, I've only ever had the typical goldfish, hamsters, and a dog. I've also lived with cats, and they're great. But nothing too exotic. (Some of my friends have had rats, though, and they're surprisingly endearing.)
potstickers potstickers
I've had probably... 30 chickens total. Most of them died as chicks. I think 10 or so lived full lives.
Ash1141 Ash1141
A hamster. I never had strange pets. I do want a skunk though.
leanright69 leanright69
Originally posted by freshbananas
What the strangest pet you've ever had?

Chickens for me
Milk cow. Take her everywhere but the mall.
JewelsAndB JewelsAndB
Lets see, I have had, at one point or another, the following as pets:
English Cocker Spaniel (Dog)
Pacific Tree Frog
American Green Tree Frog
American Green Anole (Lizard)
Bearded Dragon (Lizard)
Chinese Water Dragon (Lizard)
Praying Mantis (Insect)
Berkshire Rat
Chocolate Point Siamese (Cat)
Lynx Siamese (Cat)
Himalayan Siamese (Cat)
Whippet (Dog) - Currently the only pet...
SMichelle SMichelle
The strangest pets that I have ever had are sugar gliders.
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