It's Sunday, Im happy. We're mellow. Chores, shopping done yesterday. What is YOUR favorite day of the week?

Bignuf Bignuf
Our vote is question. And you?
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underHim underHim
Saturday Sundays always remind me it is almost monday again
dbm6907 dbm6907
I like Thursdays because it means that there's only one more day until the weekend. I also like Sundays too because that's usually my lazy day where I just get to lounge around and relax
yeoshua yeoshua
I don't think any 1 day is inherently better than another--even a day at "work" is a great day if all goes well and the stress level is low. Any day that is not rushed, stressful and I/we try to cram too much to do into a small time perios is not a great day!!! I enjoy my work and I enjoy relaxing out of work--its a good mix.
Beck Beck
Well usually Sunday is a pretty good day, but I have had a horrible day and it was suppose to be fun.
toxie m toxie m
Right now Sundays are the best because Sunday/Monday is my day off combination. I work Friday/Saturday and have school during most of the week, so Sunday is the start of my weekend!
married with children married with children
Fridays/ I get paid, and when we only work 40 hours, its my first day off in a three day weekend.
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