Nazaress Nazaress
Do you have a favorite superhero? A least favorite superhero? What about villains? I'm not much of a comic fan myself but my boyfriend has been watching Heroes recently and playing Batman: Arkham Asylum so I've been thinking about it. I think I like Catwoman the best but that's mostly just me and my love of strong, sexy women. Out of superheroes and villains, I like Harley Quinn the most! Theoretically, I like Batman the least because he makes me mad. He's not a superhero. He's just a rich guy. Lol.

(I just noticed those are all in the same series. Weird!)
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Kkay Kkay
Iron Man/Tony Stark for me. I like the complexity of his character; a self-hating alcoholic with suicidal tendencies who is all brash and dash and arrogance on the surface. Unsure about least favorite. Magneto for my favorite villain, dependent heavily on who is writing him.
married with children married with children
batman kicks ass.
CS2012 CS2012
My favorite Superhero is Robin The Boy Wonder and my favorite Super Villain is the Joker.
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