Teaching a teenager to drive

Gracie Gracie
So this summer I the goal was to teach my son to drive. Last week I finally got him in the car and one block away from the house he bumped into the curb and we got a flat tire! I have been very surprised at his reluctance to drive. I know when I was his age I could hardly wait! Do you have any suggetions or experiences to share? What did your parents do that helped you? If you have been though this as a parent, do you have any advice?
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newlady newlady
Well, we had 3 girls, so the deal was I taught them to go to the bathroom and he taught them how to drive. It was a great arrangement....for me! And when they got their driver's license, we bought them a vehicle (used of course) and a year's insurance.
I think it's actually easier to have someone else teach your own kid how to drive...maybe you could trade with another parent? I remember getting my license on my birthday... don't really know why kids are so reluctant. Our youngest daughter's husband is 26 and doesn't even have a learners license.He's isn't remotely even interested. But she got her license at 22 (which I thought was late), so I guess if she's willing to drive why should he put out the effort?
Good luck with those driving lessons!
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
no thankyou .. I've taught all my ex boyfriends how to drive standard and thats enough... yucky... I would be way to anxious
Maybe he's just scared to drive. I know people who are just terrified at the thought of driving. I couldn't wait to get my license! In fact, I went right after school on my birthday . My dad taught me how to drive. I always had a fascination with cars so before I got in one to actually drive, I already knew what every button, pedal, and lever did. Try familiarizing him with how the car works and what things do . Try taking him out to an empty parking lot where there's nothing to hit, it might put things at ease for him. Good luck!
Various Various
Have someone else they trust teach them. My best friend's mother taught me, and my mother taught him. Worked out great.
Gracie Gracie
I tried to get dad to do this, but that didn't fly either!
travelnurse travelnurse
I have a 15 year old, he has no interest in driving. He has been eligible for his permit since last December. He wont even take the class online for the permit. My husband has been planning to take him to the end of our culdesac to drive over aluminum cans. We have lots of cans and that way he can practice reverse and going in circles and such. My child has no desire to even do that. Dang, the day I was eligible I had my permit and then my license. These kids now a days just want their internet, they don't even know what fun is any more. LOL had to sound like an old mom.
Gracie Gracie
Well today was better. I'd still like to hear your stories though!
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