And another techie question... :):):)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Media apps...

Here a KMPlayer and Winamp user, one for video, one for music and radio...

What do you use? Any better suggestions to share with us? (I use KMPlayer because of the highly adjustable subtitles, as I love foreign movies, especially the historical epic Asian ones, and the Japanese animes... ^^)
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blacklodge blacklodge
I only use KMPlayer to extract frames to make gifs. I don't really use winamp anymore, I listen to all of my music through Spotify.
EnterTheFist EnterTheFist
iTunes and VLC...I always hear people saying iTunes is the worst music player, but I don't understand why. Works fine for me. And VLC is great. Way better than Quicktime / WMP or *shudders* Real Player.
Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
Winamp for radio and music. I used to use WMP for movies and other videos but indeed, KMPlayer is much better!
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