The near-extermination of the buffaloes - do you think the same thing is going on nowadays with the new tyrannical farming regulations nowadays?

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Not only the Native Americans lost their chance of survival by having their traditional lifestyle being taken, now more and more tighter laws are preventing people to grow organic food, raw milk and a lot of other things because of the current regulations... (Plus GMO, causing infertility in the third generation of lab critters, warning us all to turn back to organic foods before it is too late...)

To help you out with a hint, you can look up online how Native Americans got dragged into poverty by the senseless hunting of the buffaloes for example (the reservation life added to it, and Trail of Tears for example), and you can also watch Farmageddon for example, to be a little more up to date about what this thread is about... And dare to voice your opinions of course!!!
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DreamWolf DreamWolf
(Sorry for the extra "nowadays", focusing on other stuff too in the meantime... ^^ ~lays ears blushy)
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