The right way to teach teens about sex

Jul!a Jul!a
Ok, don't get uppity with me about this one. I know that there's absolutely no hard and fast "right" way to teach teens about sex. It comes down to what you talk to your child about. Sure there are basics you should always mention, but since I don't have children at the moment, and I certainly haven't had this talk before, I don't feel qualified to tell you how to talk to teens about sex.

Ok. Tangent aside I guess. From the fine and fantastic people at, I give you the right way to teach teens about sex. You may now proceed to kill the rest of your evening wandering around that website.
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Zombie Ghost Zombie Ghost
Yep I just got stuck in the Cracked time warp for about an hour. I forgot how I even got there.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
omg, i've been spending my whole day at that website. that's freaking hysterical
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