This weekend or Tuesday?

kawigrl kawigrl
Will you be having your Valentines Day fun over the weekend or on Tuesday?
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Jul!a Jul!a
Next weekend. This weekend we have plans with friends, Tuesday we'll both be working. But we're taking a long weekend next weekend and I'm ridiculously looking forward to it.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
He'll be working Tuesday so it will be either this weekend or next. He just had a birthday yesterday so if we go celebrate we'll be celebrating B-days, V-Day, and finishing up with the semester at school. Good things to celebrate.
Buttercup Green Buttercup Green
He works long hours on Tuesday, so we will be celebrating on the weekend.
sweetiejo sweetiejo
Neither, my guy gave me my gift on the fourth (a banquet with his family) and his will be the 23rd
js250 js250
Tuesday and next weekend..Tuesday is the quickie celebration, next weekend is ours!!!No phones, people or any distractions.
Coralbell Coralbell
We're going out for dinner or Tuesday, then going away next weekend.
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