Thoughts on body hair ?

subwayrailings subwayrailings
Have recently stopped shaving, was even dyeing my armpits pink to match my hair this summer,no one seems to mind and many women i know have given up shaving as well. Was just wondering where people in the EF community stand on shaving these days ?
I am not asking people's opinion on how they prefer their partners to look or what they find more attractive, by the way, just what people prefer for their own bodies.
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Cat E. Cat E.
I'm female and prefer to shave everywhere, if you know what I mean.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
No I must shave EVERYTHING from my neck down I HATE hair!!!!
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I'd like to be hair free everywhere but my scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows actually but I rarely bother shaving anything that won't be seen so it's usually just my arms and legs.

I don't like the look or feel of body hair on myself, never have.
LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
I wouldn't shave if I could get away with it. But I don't feel good about myself when I have hair. Why can't I just not grow it? T_T I prefer to sugar wax so that I can get away with not shaving for a couple weeks at least.
michael scofield michael scofield
Im a guy and I trim my body hair. I just feel cleaner. I only shave balls. If i was a female i would just get laser if you do it young and do the math its worth it and you wont have to spend money on razors and its on less thing you have to worry about.
gorgeous gorgeous
I hate hair unless it is on my head. Anywhere else needs to go. But on men its ok to have some chest hair. I don't like men to have hair down there, but if they do then thats their decision. I can't make them shave it.
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