How old were you and what time of year was it when you first started driving a car solo without a parent in the vehicle?

Martiniman Martiniman
Big decision ahead as I have a son who is approaching the age of driving.
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married with children married with children
I think right after I passed my test and had my license. Around 16 or so.
deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by Martiniman
Big decision ahead as I have a son who is approaching the age of driving.
I believe 18.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
17ish, but I had a lot of experience driving in different conditions and got started slowly (driving 5 minutes to the store, then expanding my range)
The Vixen The Vixen
I didn't really like driving and put off getting my license until I was 17, and I only got it because my parents were pushing me to get it so they didn't have to drive me around.
Pretty much as soon as I passed my test my parents had me out driving on my own.
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
I was 15, almost 16. It was right after I got my license and I think it was winter, near the end of the year. I was able to drive my own car to school and park in a lot that was across the street.
VictoriaDaniel1 VictoriaDaniel1
19!my husband had to teah me how to drive bc I hate driving so bad!
Man you guys are all making me feel like a late bloomer...
TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
17. My step-dad died, the summer of '03, and left me his car. A couple of days after his death I was extremely sad/depressed, so I took the car without asking and drove around aimlessly. It helped me a great deal. I didn't have my license, but I didn't care. When I got back, my dad wasn't mad, he understood.
RonLee RonLee
By myself was right after I got my license at 16 in the summer time.
quackbuster quackbuster
I didn't want to get my license at all (I could have got it when I turned 16), so I delayed until my dad forced me to. I think I was a little over 17, it was late in the summer. I didn't really get comfortable with driving until I was probably 19 or so.
Hazeleyes2012 Hazeleyes2012
Late summer when I was 16....
Rossie Rossie
I had no desire to learn driving until my early twenties, and I took driving lessons with a professional driving instructor, not my parents.
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