Coming up with review titles

MissAdara MissAdara
How do you come up with the title for your review or article or blog? I love reviewing, but the title is my big obstacle! I like fun or tongue-in-cheek as opposed to "My Review On ______" and I was wondering how y'all felt.
(And yes, I am currently struggling for a title on a few things!)
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KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I try to think of something at least a teeny bit clever based on the product name. At times, I am not so clever and just pick something at random.
js250 js250
I use whatever comes to my mind when I look at or think of when I look at the item. For example--the Lulu looks like a golf club. I also use song titles...yeah, not very original but sometimes I cannot help it.
Gary Gary
I haven't reviewed in a while, but in general something would usually pop into my head by the time I completed the review. I would just go with that. Hopefully it was good, if not, better luck next time.
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