Tongue Wounds! >.<

HannahPanda HannahPanda
I have a swollen taste bud at the end of my tongue that has been lingering around for a few days. It isn't HIGHLY bothersome, but it stings when eating and I keep accidentally biting down on the tip of my tongue.

As far as ulcers and taste buds go, does this ever happen to you?
How much does it bother you? Mine never stops hurting.
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wrmbreze wrmbreze
It doesn't bother me too much, I use Peroxyl mouthwash.
Jul!a Jul!a
Sometimes my tongue will start hurting if I've had my mouth shut tightly for a long time because of my tongue ring. When that happens I try to relax my jaw so it isn't clamped as tightly and sometimes I swish around with mouthwash if just loosening my jaw isn't helping.
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