Have you ever been touched, spoken to or treated in a sexually inappropriate manner for the sake of security?

Martiniman Martiniman
I'm going out of the country on vacation soon and it always brings back memories. Several years back in Jamaica I was being screened by Jamaican security before boarding our cruise ship. The female security guard screening me finished her pat down by rubbing my crotch with her hand, followed by slipping her hand up the loose leg of my shorts and fondling me briefly.

Have you ever been treated in an inappropriate way in the name of security?
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butts butts
Thankfully no, I haven't had to deal with security much.
Chelynn67 Chelynn67
No I haven't and I'm glad I can say that.
Rossie Rossie
No, that never happened to me.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I've never traveled, but I would be mortified!
Ansley Ansley
I've only flown twice since TSA began to make traveling a nightmare for innocent people but both times they were exceptionally nice and very respectful. I assume it helps that I was traveling between the two largest international airports in the country.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
No. I'm glad to have dealt with professionals. Of course, I'm told that I have the invisible sign of DON'T FUCK WITH ME, ASSHOLE written across my face whenever I'm out in public.
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