Toys in weird positions

buzz buzz
Have you ever tried putting your toys in odd or weird places to try to enhance your session. Vote yes or no below and then tell me what is was in a comment.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I've tried it a few times
buzz , Fuzzycow , pinkcupcakes , dv8
I always do that
I did once but it didn't really work out
No, I hadn't thought of that
No, I'm just fine in normal positions
I really like those odd positions, its like a game finding them
Uhm, wth are you talking about? All positions are normal
Total votes: 6 (6 voters)
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buzz buzz
I've tried putting toys between the mattress and box spring and going at it doggy style It didn't work the best for me, I'm sad to say.
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