Vampires - would you want to be one?

mrs.mckrakn mrs.mckrakn
If they were really would you want to turn and wlalk earth for all eternity?
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Michele Michele
If I were a vampire like the kind on Twilight
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
So I guess this is referring to the fictional sort of vampire then and not real vampires like Don Henrie?

On the plus side: I could change everyone I love into vampires so they would live forever too.
On the minus side: I'd have to either kill animals (like the Cullens), kill people, or take all the donated blood that gets discarded (I've heard any blood with diseases and such gets tossed out, not sure though) to survive....

I think I would choose to be a vampire if only to live forever with the people I love so that I'd never have to see them die.
WildeKnight WildeKnight
Not if I had to sparkle.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
Not the twilight kind. I wouldn't want to sparkle. But a basic vampire? Maybe... I'd have to seriously consider it, at least.
PoppyTraille PoppyTraille
Yes. I'm intrigued by the look.
SecretToyLover2 SecretToyLover2
Hell no lol
butts butts
Being immortal would be nice, but I like food, and sun, and not drinking people's blood.
Mwar Mwar
Yeah, I'd want to live forever. I'd go to a million knight schools and learn and study forever.
Beck Beck
No, but I would be one's pet.
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