When did you lose your virginity?

lulz lulz
When did you lose yours? What is your opinion on losing it early/late?
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Geogeo Geogeo
I was 13 and it was way too young. Though I think if I'd waited too long I'd just get too self conscious and nervous about it happening.
MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
I was 18, and 4 years into the relationship. The wait was worth it, and I never regretted it.
Michele Michele
It was either 17 or 18 and he was my best friend at the time.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Still have it. Glad I've waited this long, too, since I didn't truly feel ready until the end of last year, age 22. Now it's just a matter of finding someone I'm comfortable with.

I don't really think there's any real detriment to losing it early or late, so long as you feel ready, comfortable, and go about it intelligently - especially not losing it just for the sake of losing it. I don't hold virginity in any special regard, but jumping into bed with just anyone to get rid of it doesn't seem wise.
Dusk Dusk
I was...21, I believe. Or 20? I know it was a month or so after my birthday. I wanted to wait until I was fully comfortable and the time was right, and I'm glad I did. I think everyone finds a different "right time" for them.
hall5885 hall5885
I was 19. While I don't regret the age I just regret who I slept with. Reason I regret it isn't because of the whole "losing my virginity to someone special" thing or anything like that cause I never put any stock into virginity and it being special. I just regret that I slept with that person, period. They could have been my 1st or 100000th partner and I would of still regret it..... And to think I stuck around with them for 7 years. Ugh! Clearly I must have been drunk the whole relationship. lol At least I learned a lot.
Incendiaire Incendiaire
19. I would have done it sooner but there were no gay people around until I went to university.
dirtythoughts:) dirtythoughts:)
I was 14 and definitely should have waited. It could have been a lot more meaningful when I was older and with the right person.
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