We live in a city. So do our friends. Their neighbors just bought exotic chickens! Any other city dwellers have Chickens?

Bignuf Bignuf
While there are laws against barn yard animals, which Pot Bellied Pig owners have had to fight to keep an indoor house pet, apparently it is legal in this city to keep chickens!!! They have to be "exotic" breeds, so they no longer are "farm animals", but fall under "harmless exotic pets", like Rabbits and Parrot's.

Our friends are going nuts from the actual "cock a doodle do" at the crack of dawn, and yes folks chickens too make noise...even if caged up all day.

Anyone else own Chickens, but not on a farm???
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Trixie Horror Trixie Horror
That has to be one of the oddest things I've heard of in a while. Chickens in the city, what? I mean I live in a little town and the LAST thing I expect to see in a bigger city is someone's pet chicken.

Also, what exactly constitutes an "exotic" chicken? That made me giggle.
No but I would love some. People who live in actual houses around here instead of apartments have chickens of all kinds, mostly non-exotic. Also there's a man who walks a goat around on a leash.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I don't have any, but someone around the neighborhood of my workplace has them. I can hear one crowing early in the morning when I get to work.

I don't think I'd keep chickens in the city, though I actually think they're kind of cute, especially silky chickens - their feathers are fluffy all over, and they even have fluffy feet!!! How frickin' cute is that?
palindromic palindromic
I come from a major city where backyard farming has really taken off. It's not uncommon to see chickens and goats in people's backyards (cows and large livestock are still off limits). My parents are actually considering getting a couple chickens as egg producers.
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