We should all get together!

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Here is an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if all the EF community could get together for a week, or weekend somewhere and have a huge EF party?!?!?! Ya know, a huge meet and greet with giveaways, door prizes, orgies, cake, soda pop, S&M demonstrations. You know, normal stuff.
I'm sure they have done this, and probably still do, if so let me know where the links to that info is. If not, I say we pick a central city to make travel easy on everyone. So my vote is for Council Bluffs Iowa. Ohhhhh so scenic.
Whats your thoughts?
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Ansley Ansley
We've never done anything like this and we have considered it in the past; it's such a massive undertaking that it has been tabled until further notice.

It would most likely take place in Atlanta, as that is where EF is based and 95% of the staff is here.

You're more than welcome to email me any ideas you may have. stormy@edenfantasys.co m
kkizzee05 kkizzee05
That would be so AWESOME! To be able to me so many like-minded and open-minded people for some real EF Fun. I would defiantly go
Beck Beck
I would totally go if I could. However, reality is that I couldn't. I can't travel (poor) and rarely go anywhere without children. A lot of members like the idea of being anonymous, to this doesn't really work for them. You could always put together one in your local area. See if you could meet friends there?
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