Wedding Gifts : What would you buy?

Thumper Logic Thumper Logic
If a person does not have a registry, would you rather buy them a gift certificate or a physical gift that you take to the wedding? Have any of you given virtual gift certificates to places like or
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
I do a bit of both - a bit of money or gift card in the card, and a small gift for the reception. Recently, a pair of friends got married but I couldn't attend and they didn't have a registry, so I sent them a collection of handmade soaps in their favorite scents for their gift and some cash in their card.

Since gift cards have become acceptable gifts, there shouldn't be a problem for virtual gift cards, either - registries are online and guests order from there, so really no difference.
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I'd probably get them a gift card. If you know the couple likes to shop online I see no problem with a virtual gift certificate, but I'd still give them a physical representation of it though, like a nice wedding card that says where they can redeem their gift.

We got married a few years ago, and even though we were registered we received plenty of gift cards for various stores. It was all just as appreciated as the physical gifts.
Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
I would do the gift card with money unless I know the couple really wanted or needed something in specifically.
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