What Do You Dislike The Most About Summer?

SweetSaffron SweetSaffron
Humidity, ugh. I can take heat just fine, as long as it's not humid. I was in Arizona earlier this year, and their 90 feels like Iowa's 70 because we get so humid here!

I worked in a hotel one summer, so children, tourists, etc. It's hard to answer a kid who asks what there is to do in this area. We pointed adults toward nightlife/drinking hotspots, but kids? Uh, we have four malls? A zoo? You're asking the wrong person, I work two jobs, what is this "fun" you speak of?
calliope calliope
Nothing I love summer
peachmarie peachmarie
I work in a kitchen at a hospital and it gets HOT in there. Half of the time we look for excuses to get something from the walk in cooler or freezer just to cool off. So that's one thing i dislike and the second is how expensive the electric is at my apartment during the summer. We live in a upper with vaulted ceilings and there is no central air, we have an AC in our living room and a stand alone in our bedroom that have to be running all day every day during the summer to keep the place livable. We are looking to move beginning next year because our electric during the summer comes out to 300 a month. It's disgusting, it throws our whole bill out of whack all year.
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