What does your ideal bedroom look like?

Zandrock Zandrock
Furniture? Space? Toys?
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deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by Zandrock
Furniture? Space? Toys?
Silk floor to ceiling with lots of pillows.
married with children married with children
enough space that I get some room on the dresser top for my watches, and some space n the closet for my clothes. a secret play room would be nice.
Happenstance Happenstance
Bookshelves, computer desk & chair, window-seat padded couch (high, overlooking nature), comfy bed for sleeping in a cut-out in the wall (protected on three sides), wide floor bed (either a mattress or a padded floor covering) with pillows strewn everywhere, convenient places to tie people up, futon for more play/sleep/cuddle/sitt ing space. Colorful artwork of my own and my partner(s) making everywhere, some plants, cats.
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