What has Eden taught you?

Winifred Winifred
So what are some of the most valuable and important things that you've discovered while being on Eden Fantasys?
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Mwar Mwar
Eden has let me be even more curious with my sexuality. I also know just how MANY sex toys are out in the world. It can be a bit intimidating, but the welcoming community and staff make everyone feel at home.

I learned that kinks are okay! And fun! And that I'm not alone or "weird" for having them!

edeneve edeneve
it's given me the opportunity to be part of a great community. I've learned so much more about toys & what my body likes w/ them. EF has given me the opportunity to write & express myself in the written word. and I've experienced so much laughter - it's great! and it's given me lots of fun.
js250 js250
Edens has taught me the meaning of community, about lifestyle choices and terms and that there can be a non-judgmental and accepting community of caring individuals on the internet. It has shown that sometimes strangers can care and understand better than those you call friends and that you do not have to know each other personally to be a good friend. It has shown and taught me acceptance and friendship within many different ages, lifestyles, beliefs and countries. I will value this lesson forever and am grateful to have been lucky enough to have experienced these lessons.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Few new ideas, as well as that there are quite a few great communities out there that are kinky.
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