What I value most about myself is....

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What I value most about myself is....

js250 js250
--What is the one thing you value the most about your personality? Why?
--What do you like the least and have changed or are working on changing?
--Your partner???
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js250 js250
There are a few things I really like and appreciate about my personality and identity. They are:
-my optimistic, do not give up attitude.
-ability to help others through my own experiences. Empathizing and understanding feelings and emotions also fall into this trait.
-my ability to work through problems, find solutions and implement them.
-my creative, artistic, and practical business gifts.

I really dislike my ability to procrastinate till the very last second. I am working on changing this, but it is very difficult to do. Especially since I can always think of a reason to put it off until _____happens.

I really value my hubby's work ethic, ability to get things done and his sense of responsibility for his tasks/debts/jobs.
matry matry
I really value my compassion and honesty. But, I can be rather negative and cynical at times (mainly due to years of being depressed..) but now that I'm taking better care of myself I'm changing my thinking and am able to stay more positive

I love my boyfriend's creativity, sense of humor, and his genuine kindness <3
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