What is the BEST MEAL you ever had?

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What is the BEST MEAL you ever had?

Bignuf Bignuf
We were out for Valentines Day at a local little eatery and for whatever reason, from the bread to the dessert, the meal was, without question, the BEST, most delicious, perfectly cooked, wonderful meal I have ever had.

It was a "Steak Dianne" with a Burgundy wine sauce, with almonds and honeyed carrots, served in a crepe. There was a wild greens and mushroom salad and finally a triple chocolate cake with three different layers (thick) of white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate mousse inside, and covered in a crushed almond and coconut topping. OH MY...awesome.

SO...what was YOUR best meal ever???
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Rossie Rossie
I'm not trying to brag, but I've had way too many delicious meals in my forty something years of life, too hard to decide which one's the best!
meitman meitman
It's hard to say. I usually find a way to enjoy my food. If I had to pick, though, I would say Alice Springs Chicken from Outback is my favorite so far. I will admit, though, that I don't live very adventurously with my food.
Bex1331 Bex1331
Nine Dragons at the China Pavilion in Epcot, it's amazing no matter what you get! FANTASTIC!

And probably the best breakfast was at Akershus in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot. I just love my Disney food!
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