What is the best cereal/non dairy milk combo?

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What is the best cereal/non dairy milk combo?

RosesThorns RosesThorns
I am trying to cut a lot of dairy out of my life cause it makes my stomach angry. So I am taking a poll to see what you guys think is the best non dairy milk/cereal combo is.
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Rice Milk
EJ , Ghost
Soy Milk
mizzmilla , aliceinthehole , dv8
Almond Milk
ellejay , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , Angelica , Ansley , wetone123 , mizzmilla , RosesThorns , Sammi , ToyBoy , dv8 , stars , pinkcupcakes , MrWishyWashy , sktb0007
Other Milk?
Rossie , Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
Granola type ceral
EJ , ellejay , Angelica , wetone123 , mizzmilla , RosesThorns , ToyBoy , Ghost , stars , WierdAl , sktb0007
Lucky Charms
wetone123 , pinkcupcakes , WierdAl , Wildchild
Frosted Shredded Mini Wheats
wetone123 , dv8 , WierdAl , Wildchild
Other Cereal?
wetone123 , aliceinthehole , Sammi
Total votes: 43 (20 voters)
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Rossie Rossie
I prefer Coconut milk by the brand name So Delicious (not Silk), it's richer than rice milk and has a slight hint of coconut. I can't stand Soy or Almond milk, the flavors are too nutty to my liking.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I really like coconut milk by Silk. It's not as thick as almond milk, but it's thicker than soy milk.
Angelica Angelica
I love almond milk. It is really good with things like special k, or post blueberry morning. I like cereals that have nuts in them already with the almond milk because they go together. I cannot stand soy or rice milk at all.
Ansley Ansley
Rice and soy milks are slightly bitter to me, but I really love almond milk. (I'm also kind of against a large intake of soy products due to the high estrogen levels in the beans. Studies are just now being released on the effects of cooking the product versus raw products. Until something conclusive comes out, I choose to stay away from them. Especially because I'm on hormonal birth control.)
mizzmilla mizzmilla
I like soy or almond, with granola
RosesThorns RosesThorns
I was thinking of trying Almond Milk... and granola type cereals...

thanks for the input, keep it coming
aliceinthehole aliceinthehole
ooh i love me some fruity pebbles!

i've found with rice milk it's hard to find a real good one... with almond milk it's hit or miss between brands, and soy milk it's even harder, but organic brands, original flavor (silk is one of my faves) is pretty good.

honey bunches of oats just begs for soy milk. with almonds! the best.
Sammi Sammi
Almond milk is really good (I prefer the unsweetened chocolate, but the vanilla is drinkable as well). And definitely over Count Chocula or Peanut Butter Crunch
Ghost Ghost
I prefer rice milk. I was never a milk drinker and I find that I prefer the consistency of rice milk the best 9not very thick). I prefer it to be unsweetened vanilla. Most of the other milks, aside form being too thick, I find also to be too sweet.
Wildchild Wildchild
Originally posted by RosesThorns
I am trying to cut a lot of dairy out of my life cause it makes my stomach angry. So I am taking a poll to see what you guys think is the best non dairy milk/cereal combo is.
Dry ceral with no milk rocks. I add strawberries to the rice crispy's.
married with children married with children
have never tried non dairy milk. I would never think to put it on my cereal though.
RosesThorns RosesThorns
Ok so I picked up Silk Vanilla Almond milk, pretty good, a little on the sweet side though.
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