What is the weirdest pet you ever had?

Creepellah Creepellah
When I was little I had jars filled with lady bugs. That's my weirdest pet D:
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Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
They weren't really pets but when I was little, we had a cottage and I insisted we take home a frog and a turtle. They didn't live very long
K101 K101
Sugar glider probably. White lined gecko was weird, but not as exotic as the Glider. His name was Wompus! LOL. I loved him. I also had puffer fish that were bright green with black polka dots. They were fabulous!
pestilence pestilence
When I was little, I really wanted my parents to get me these little lizards called sandfish, but they never gave in. The weirdest actual pet I had was probably a gecko that lived in the house I was staying in which I captured and played with for a few days.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Snapping turtle.
js250 js250
A hedgehog. It was too adorable and such an interesting creature!!!
LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
A newt.
Beck Beck
neil i. neil i.
I'm allergic to pretty much most animals with hair, so I didn't have many pets. The default weirdest would have to be the turtle I had when I was about seven.
RonLee RonLee
Originally posted by Rod Ronald
Snapping turtle.
LOL When I was a kid, I too had a baby snapping turtle.
Tadpoles. Sadly, they died before reaching, uh, froghood.
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
I had two chinchillas for a little while! I loved them, but I think rodents aren't really my thing.
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