What topic have you NEVER seen discussed on EF forums???????

Bignuf Bignuf
Just wondering if there is anything that comes to ANYONE's mind on this?
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Sodom and Gomorrah Sodom and Gomorrah
It seems like everything under the sun is brought up in here.
js250 js250
Ummm.....how to build a sign, how to build a log home, how to rejet a cycle carb....Oooohhh, you mean dealing with EF?? I think it has been fairly well covered, except for the person's specific point of view and line of questioning. I am still having a lot of fun on here, though!!
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I think js250 has the right of it. There are topics which just really don't relate to this forum, and those that do are fairly well covered… except for the ones that get pulled…
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