What word offends you most?

Alyxx Alyxx
What curse word, slur, or otherwise offensive term presses your buttons the worst? The one word you cringe at every time someone uses it in conversation or as an insult? For me, I think it is definitely "retarded" and "retard." I've heard people with mental disabilities talk about how much that word hurts them, and to hear people throw it around as an insult kills me. Calling things "gay" is a close second, but in that case it depends a little more on the context. So what is it for you guys?
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Ansley Ansley
Words, by their very nature, have no power until someone gives power to them. I'm not offended by any word or word choice, I'm offended by ignorance and the inability for some people to see how wrong and hurtful their views can be to the right person.
MzGreenEyedLady MzGreenEyedLady
Alyxx, I think you got that one right on the nose! But the one thing that I hate the most is when people call women "cunt/cunts." I haven't gotten to the understanding myself on why I dislike it so much, but my ex roommate called me a cunt once, and I lost it. I was on the level on wanting to rip his balls off. -_-
charletnarouh charletnarouh
I think reclaiming words is key. Words like bitch, twat, cunt, pussy, dyke, etc. are words I've adopted which is empowering to me and weakens their power when people use them against me. I dislike it when people use words utterly inappropriately, like the word gay to mean something stupid or lame or that you don't like and I will usually call people on it. I tend not to get offended as such, I just lose a lot of respect for people who use words that way and don't spend time around them if I can help it.
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