What words can't you say-literally

underHim underHim
There are some words I can never say right the first try, like hoarder, I say something like whorer if I am not careful, or insists sometimes comes out incest. Are there any words you can't seem to say? I am great at tounge twisters. Try this one:
Which witch is watching witches watching a witch watch?
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pestilence pestilence
I always pronounce "vigilante" as "viligante". I've known the correct pronunciation for years, but I still mess this up frequently (you'd be surprised how often it comes up).
Beck Beck
My hubby laughs at me with certain words because I twag them. He tells me it is my inner hillbilly. I can't say Treadmill. It comes out Treadmeal. There are a few others, but I can't remember them right now.
Ansley Ansley
It happens to me when I get really excited about something and then I just flub the whole thing up. I say things backwards or combine two words or entire sentences into two or three words. The spoonerisms are the funniest though because I don't even realize it's happened but the conversation still flows because the person listening to me can automatically reverse the words into their proper place. It's led to some serious gut-busting laughter sessions.
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