Where are people the friendliest?

Pete's Princess Pete's Princess
I have lived in places where the people would pass within a foot of you on the street and would not respond when you said a polite hello. I have also lived places where people will wave and say hello to everyone. Where have you lived that people were the friendliest?
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nickeyt nickeyt
not ny
Rossie Rossie
People in Oregon are mostly friendly - I believe it has something to do with the more relaxed lifestyle here.
spiced spiced
I always found the people in North Carolina to be very friendly. Making friends there was pretty much effortless.
js250 js250
The people in Alabama were super friendly, and most of Montana can be that way as well--just not some of the bigger towns!!
SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
From my experience the friendliest people in Europe live in Spain.
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