Which type are you? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I am all jazzed about catching garter snakes now, because three have escaped so far (man/woman, THEY ARE TOUGH AND CAN LIFT STUFF YOU COULD NEVER BELIEVE THEY CAN MOVE!!! ), and after the first lil one "breaking my heart" by leaving me now I feel finer if I will end up having only "guests" - more pleasures of hunting em a lot! ^^ (Though W/we went to get another home for the lil one my OnlyMaster caught for me this morning, I also caught the very first one in my life just a few hours ago, I DO HOPE they won't escape anymore!!! ^^)

So, if you ever catch lil critters being more than sure you ARE able to provide enough space and proper environment and care for them, do you keep them mostly or let them go after a while?
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Mwar Mwar
I'm all for some quick capture and release. We like to capture frogs. But I don't know if capture is the correct term since they just like to chill in our hands.

Either way, I wouldn't feel right removing an animal from its natural environment and keeping them. They are wild and have different needs. They are not bred for captivity and handling. They are more prone to stress and illness in captivity.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I only capture stray pets for rehoming
Rossie Rossie
I leave the wildlife alone - I prefer to let them do their jobs eating up all the pesky insects in my yard.
Zandrock Zandrock
I dont capture them. I will pick them up, look at them, and set them back down
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