Who is your favourite celebrity?

Zandrock Zandrock
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K101 K101
I don't really follow celebs. Never really cared about them at all. However, I love my music and my favorite band is HANSON. Since I was 7 years old, I've read all their books, kept up with all their music and everything. All these years later, they are still my fav band. So the only thing close to "celeb" liking you'll see from me is my music. HANSON and Three Days Grace as well as a few other of my very top favs are the only celeb like stuff I care about, and that's because I love their music. Not necessarily them, although I have to admit, I do completely love HANSON.

Oh well that reminds me, I guess I do really like Barb off that Christine show. Lol. I forget her real name, so I just call her Barb, but I adored her in the Christine show as well as some of the little mini clips of her stand-up or whatever you call it that I've seen on Tumblr. Lol. I really love that funny woman!
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