Women: What swim suit style do you prefer?

BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
I just purchased my bathing suit for the upcoming summer. While browsing I noticed a bunch of new styles. What do you prefer?
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edeneve edeneve
I prefer a I piece that helps hide my tummy that never goes away no matter how much I work out or weigh.
BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
This year I am trying out a pretty full coverage bikini, the top I ordered in my bra size. I usually go with a tank style top to cover my belly (I don't have a great bikini body lol), but I like bikinis too.
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One piece. I'm not exactly tiny :/ and I rather have people not see my belly.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I like one piece swimsuits (a weight related preference, for the most part) with those cute little attached skirts.
My current one is an adorable pin up inspired black one with white polka dots, a halter tie/sweetheart neckline, and ruching to accent the bust and make the tummy area look smaller. :3
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