Work is getting.......

Bignuf Bignuf
Harder or easier these days? Are you being asked to do more with less, or is it a happy time at your place of employment right now?
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RonLee RonLee
Those of us who are not furloughed make up a skeleton crew left in the office, and we're potentially working without pay. Yes, I'm one of those government employees. I won't go into which agency I work for or what my position is other than to say that we do "back office" work and do not have direct contact with the public. That said, I can speak for my entire team and say that we all would rather be on the job without pay than to be home and learn that a problem occurred that we would have rectified had we been on the job.
cagypsy cagypsy
Its tough days at my job right now. We are on our third new boss in 3 maybe 4 months.
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