What was the worst day of your life?

jjesssica jjesssica
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what do you recall was the worst moment of ur life?
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Noelle Noelle
Originally posted by jjesssica
what do you recall was the worst moment of ur life?
Wow! That's a tough one. I've had a few, but the 2 that come to mind is when I gave birth to my 10 lb baby girl. My dr wouldn't give me a C-section. I love my girl, but that was tramatizing. Also, I lost my son when he was about 3, in the store. It's was only for a few moments, but I thought I was gonna die from panic!
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I dated a guy in high school who got cancer in our junior year, totally out of the blue. He ended up being fine, though it took six months of chemo and radiation, but that first day I genuinely didn't know whether or not he was going to die and it was utterly horrible.
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