Would this make you take the stairs more?

Sammi Sammi
Check out this video on YouTube . It's pretty cool!

Would this make you take the stairs more?
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ToyBoy ToyBoy
Probably not for two reasons. First, I would never get where I needed to be because I would get distracted. Second, you probably couldn't get up the stairs through all the people playing on them. It would become a playground for little kids.
Waterfall Waterfall
Lol, this would be entertaining and nice break during my commute to work. I like using the stairs anyway because there are always a ton of people on the escalators.
Miss Naughty Kitty Miss Naughty Kitty
i remember when i was younger the science museum had stairs like this it was pretty fun.
slynch slynch
Let's do that to all stairs! lol
Jul!a Jul!a
That would be so awesome. I'd probably get stuck playing forever but it's still really cool.
ss143 ss143
It looks fun but def not something I would have my kids walk up because we would never get to where we needed they would want to play.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
Errant Venture Errant Venture
While I can't hear it, I am presuming it makes noises when you step on each stair. I think that't be fun - but as the only time I use an escalator is in this one shop, I'd probably use the stairs anyway.
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