yard work

married with children married with children
I cut down a bush in our yard that I did not like. It had thorns, was over grown, and it was creating babys everywhere. My wife got so pissed with me. It is not like that was the only bush in the yard. We have 100's of plants in our yard. I have about 10 I can move into the now empty place. I asked her to remove it last summer, it never got done. So I removed it in my free time.

Anybody else get in trouble to taking care of the yard? Cutting down trees that are sick. Or trimming bushes that are over grown.
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wetone123 wetone123
It is too hot for yard work around here. But I know what you mean about getting in trouble for cutting something down! There was a big side show in our yard when my dad cut down some bushes in the front yard! My mom screamed in every direction north, south, east and west! The neighbors were loving that! Imagine a nut like that!
Rossie Rossie
I never get mad at my husband for cutting down any plants, he only removes something when it really needs a good trim. Last weekend he clipped off two-third of a Burning Bush, those things grow like crazy. Even though it's really pretty when it turns flaming red, the thorns are really annoying.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Not really. We've not a big garden, but if something is ailing then my dad and I just cut it down, and there's no argument from any of the others.
Linga Linga
My back yard is entirely paved apart from a small strip for a few small plants so i don't have to worry about that at all and my landscaped front yard is no bother either because I pay a gardener to come once a month and make sure it stay all pretty and neat. I don't "do" dirt and bugs so this is a nice solution for me.
sarki sarki
My backyard is all paddocks so it is left natural
kims89 kims89
I have never had this problem but I would like to think I wouldn't get mad about yard work! good luck!
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