Your favorite brand of PEN!

vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
Mine for sure is Pentel RSVP. They write so smoothly and look fancy to boot!
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KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Bic Atlantis, I got a free one a while back...I'd say about six months or so and the wonderful thing has yet to skip on me when I'm writing (and I write a lot, so my pens tend to have a short life), sufficient to say they've made a pen I intend on purchasing more of when the free one does go.
It's even quite pretty too so that's just another plus.

I hate gel pens or those ones with the liquid reservoir that tend to blot when you write if you're not fast enough; I never use those when I'm writing anything that I absolutely can't mess up like a piece of my novel or directions to a place I need to go.

Here's a pic of it: Bic Atlantis.
michael scofield michael scofield
wtf kinda question is this? lol i guess td bank pens there are free and i like them
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