Your going to buy list?

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Your going to buy list?

kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
I make a list or mental note of what I'm going to buy according to when I get paid or how much I saved from my last check/when I get paid lol...

so what is next on your list? can be a eden product u mention or somethin u need..

Mine is to place a large EF order,use my 30% off code and 2 $10 gift cards...then a Kindle,then an ipod....can't wait for a kindle I got 2 boxes of overflowing books and decided not to buy anmore books until I get the kindle,its like you have a library in your hand? wait kindle,then buy some books then a new ipod since mine doesn't work anymore not sure why
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Kim! Kim!
My ultimate want item would be Njoy's Eleven. Maybe at tax return time, we shall see. As for my next to buy item, I'm not sure, I have a whole wishlist full of stuff I would like!

Kindles are amazing! I cannot sing its praises enough for leisure reading. I'm not such a fan of putting school stuff on mine though. Well, maybe .pdfs if I don't feel like printing them out, I don't like reading on the computer for long and the long ones really use a lot of ink and paper in the long run.
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