Following vs. Unfollowing

Bottom Boy Bottom Boy
I'm fairly new here, and I had noticed that a handful of contributors decided to follow me -- and I'm perfectly fine with that. I then decided to follow some of them back, as a friendly gesture. However, my wall began to fill up with postings I wasn't all that interested in reading, and it was getting harder for me to go back and search for my own postings (in case I wanted to make edits or view others' comments and replies). As a result, I decided to to unfollow them all except for one person I'm already close with. Do those who are being 'unfollowed' receive the same kind of notification as when someone originally follows them? When I unfollowed them I meant no offense (and I'm not accusing anyone of 'point-farming'), so I would hope it's not taken personally. Anybody have any comments about this? If someone chooses to follow me, should I feel obligated to reciprocate? Thanks.
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TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I don't feel obligated to follow anyone unless I know them in real life. The people I follow are the people I am most interested in. More people follow me than I follow. I do think some of it does have to do with point farming. I think that there would be a lot less following in general if following people wasn't something that got points.
Peggi Peggi
Once you've been here long enough you realize that your wall will fill up even by those who are not following you or being followed BY you. The notification lets them know there is someone new to talk to, but they could easily comment on your wall without following or being followed. So if they wanted to talk to you they would either way.

I often follow people who post reviews I like, we have something in common, we've chatted around the forums etc. I leave comments here or there but there are a few who we can leave multiple posts a day!
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