Hellllllooooooo I am new.

Anomy. Anomy.
I am new to this site and any suggestions are very welcome! Help me use this site to the fullest!
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Lildrummrgurl7 Lildrummrgurl7
Why hello Penookie

Lookin' forward to helping you out here!
js250 js250
Welcome! You can message the current members and ask away--I love helping out when I am asked!! Right now there are some major changes to the site, but we are all available for advice!! Just let us know what you need some help with....
MsDrProfKitty MsDrProfKitty
Hello Love!!!
I'm so glad you've come to the dark side
Ansley Ansley
Hiyas and welcome to EF! Let me know if you have trouble finding anything. Just send me a PM.
wetone123 wetone123
Hey there! Welcome to Eden
wicked48 wicked48
Welcome to EF! I've only been here for a month and have enjoyed reading the reviews and discussion posts! I hope you love it as much as I do!
married with children married with children
welcome to eden.
edeneve edeneve
welcome to EF. if you have any questions, feel free to message me & I'll be glad to help.
Basalt Basalt
Hello! Hope you find the products you're looking for, and let me know if I can offer any suggestions.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Welcome to Eden! There is so much to this site and it's a little hard not to get overwhelmed! If you ever need help with anything, don't hesitate to PM one of us, most of the people you'll find are super friendly and are always willing to help out! I hope you're enjoying things so far!
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
Welcome to EF! You can message me or pretty much anyone else who has posted here and I'm sure we would all be willing to help you navigate the site or maybe just answer any questions you may have.
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