New and a bit Nervous?

InnocentIchigo InnocentIchigo
So I'm new to this site, I've only been here for a couple days, and I was wondering if there's anyone like me who hasn't really had a sexual experience or messed around with toys.

Is there anyone else like me who is a bit nervous about choosing their first toy or trying out the world of masturbation?
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js250 js250
Every one of us was in your shoes at some point in our life. Unlike you we did not belong to an awesome community full of advice, tips and people willing to help out!!

Welcome to EF, if you have any questions--just ask, there are so many awesome people willing to help and add support!!!
HydeWithinJekyll HydeWithinJekyll
I completely understand. I was 17 when I first masturbated, and I had already lost my virginity a while prior to that. I remember this was before using the internet to shop was even an option for me so I had to go to a store. Trust me, it's even worse in a store with people there. You feel like everyone is watching you. So no worries! Ask questions. Post a discussion. People on here are super helpful. Feel free to message me if you like.
Ansley Ansley
Hey welcome to EF. Just kind of jump in where you're comfortable and if you need any help or have a question just ask! We're all quite helpful and love to talk about this stuff.
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