New, Nervous, and Shy

MagmaFerret MagmaFerret
I'm new all around; to the site, sex toys, and even sex itself. I guess you could say that because of how shy I was, and the horror stories my mother used to tell me about sex (she had recently gone through a bad divorce), I used to be scared of my sex drive and ignored it. But as an adult, I've become more and more interested in sex. I found this site while looking for ways to be more comfortable with myself, and my lady parts.
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Welcome! I'm sure you'll soon find that there's no need to feel shy around here! If you need help navigating the site, learning about programs, or would like toy recommendations, don't hesitate to send me a message!
js250 js250
Welcome and there is no reason to be shy around here!! There are many people here that can help and if you read the reviews, that may help for the toys as well. Sexis has many awesome articles written by some of the members--those are an amazing area for discovering facets of sexuality. I was pretty shy myself a few years ago and have completely emerged from my shell with the help of the community here on EF and my hubby...
eri86 eri86
I don't interact to much with people from the sight myself, but I can tell you, even just from what I have observed, they are a great, friendly, welcoming, and very helpful bunch!
evanescentowl evanescentowl
Welcome to EF! I'm a newbie on here too, although not with sex altogether (just masturbation and toys haha). I'm shy too, and my mother told me horror stories, so I understand what you mean. Best of luck figuring things out~
This Is For The Birds This Is For The Birds
Welcome! Everyone has their own story of how they wound up here! If you need help navigating the site or just have a question you can message me or pretty much anyone who has posted in this forum, any of us will help you the best we can.
edeneve edeneve
welcome to EF. I'd love to help you out anytime. just PM me or post my wall.
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