Not new, but newly excited

Dash Dash
i've been on EF for a while, but it was only recently that i started messing around on forums and in the community... it's pretty exciting that the forums here are so extensive! especially since i've had some odd experiences talking about vibrators with some of my IRL friends. none of them actually enjoy or get use out of vibrators so our conversations always seem a little awkward. anyone else had that experience?

anyway, just wanted to say hi properly since i never really did that when i first got an account. ^u^
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js250 js250
Hi!! Welcome to EF--and am glad you are having so much fun on the site!! I have been here almost two years and love it!
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Welcome to the community! This is one of the best places to be! You can talk about anything here

My girlfriend isn't too terribly open to discussing toys, it still embarrasses her a bit, but oh well. I used to have some friends that I could talk to about this stuff like it was the newspaper. We frequently went to sex shops to browse and have fun.
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