OCTOBER 2012--All new members who joined Eden this month, leave us a post and let us know who you are. We would really like to welcome you and get to know you!!

js250 js250

Members who have joined in the month featured at the beginning of the discussion -please leave a post introducing yourself to the rest of us. We can look out for you a little better and make sure your experiences are positive ones.

Introduce yourself by letting us know: if you are new to toys, what your interests are, how you found us, your plans as a member (are you going to review, shop, join a club, etc.), and anything else you might wish to share.

For those of us who are not new members -- make sure you stop by to welcome our newbies!! Show them how happy we are to have new friends in our community!!
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Freyja9 Freyja9
I was new in October. I didn't see this until now, so I apologize for being a little late. I actually did have a newbie question: How do you join clubs on Eden? There are several that look interesting to me. I saw who to message to join the birthday club, but is there any formaility to join the other clubs? Also, the birthday club is the only one you receive points for, correct?

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I too was new in October just found this forum
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