Well Hello

wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
You know, I've been somewhat active on here for the last month or so and JUST NOW found this part of the forum.

I haven't been around too terribly much and I do still feel like a newbie and a little overwhelmed with the set-up of the forums, but otherwise, I'm getting to know my way around.

I'd love to make some friends on here, though!

Anyway, my name is Becca. I'm 23, living in La Porte, TX. Working in retail and saving up for a car. I'm a newly out of the closet Lesbian, even though I had my own suspicions and a lot of my friends did too long ago. I moved from the place I've known my entire life, from my family and friends, to live closer to my girlfriend.

I used to sell Pure Romance, so I know a decent amount about toys, uses, materials, etc, but I'm by no means an expert. I think I used to have another username on here a long time ago and I think I reviewed some toys before, but I don't recall.

Ahhh, long-winded hello!
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Jul!a Jul!a
Well hello there, and welcome to the community!
Peggi Peggi
Hi there Becca, nice to meet you!

Welcome to a newer part of the community!!! Glad to have you here
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm pretty excited to be here.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Hi Becca, welcome to Eden
Wildchild Wildchild
Welcome to the community Becca!
DeliciousDrip DeliciousDrip
lol feeling welcomed yet ??
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
Originally posted by DeliciousDrip
lol feeling welcomed yet ??
haha, yes, most definitely
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