What do you wish you could tell new members?

laflauta laflauta
There are a lot of things that can be confusing as a new member here. I've seen a lot of complaints in the forums about things that members, usually new, do that bug those of you who are more experienced.
I'm pretty new myself, and I can say that there is still a lot about Eden that I don't understand. So what do you wish you could tell new members? What advice would you give to make the experience better for everyone?
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js250 js250
I wish I could tell them to feel free to message people if they have questions. I notice a lot of intimidation from the new members about contacting more experienced members.
joelb42 joelb42
I am new. Just signed up a few days ago. It is very overwhelming when you are trying to navigate the site. You say that new members should contact more experienced members but I am having trouble even figuring out how to do that. As I have been poking around the site I have slowly stared to figure some of it out but am still a bit confused on the lay out and were to go to do certain things. Even something as simple as searching members seems to give me trouble.
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