Will you stay around in the community even if you don't get points for being here?

GatorCouple GatorCouple
We've enjoyed EF because of the points and the forums. But it's hard to justify spending twice as much on a toy when other sites sell them for half the price. The 15% points utilization has really turned me off from purchasing off EF. Forums are wonderful though!
mlmac mlmac
Originally posted by Kiss
I have not been on EF in MONTHS because they took away the points for a lot of things. I guess I better use mine up and come back when I get a REALLY great deal.
Good Luck !
Sir Sir
I have been here for five years. I am loyal for a reason, even though I'm not fond of what's been going on.
Trixxxy Trixxxy
Well the points is why I came here in the first place):
Illusional Illusional
It's hard for me to just let go of a community I jumped into and grew attached to.
But, who knows how it'll play out..
Bill220 Bill220
I'll stick around regardless. I haven't purchased much here lately because the items that appeal to me aren't sold on this site.
Sneekyfox Sneekyfox
Originally posted by evie.amor
Points are amazing but like you said, this is a business and they can't just give all their inventory away for free.

Like some other contributors have said, I had to take a step back from the site when all the changes and negativity began ...
I agree! EF has opened doors....but there is a lot of drama going on and it takes away from the good vibe that use to be here. Also, it does seem like the blame for changes is being put on the consumers. It's up to EF to weed out the plagiarism and point abuse, that responsibility should not be on the consumer. The way things are being handled, its not professional. I think a lot of people expected better from a company that they invested so much time, effort, and money in. I'm glad there is still a discount available. I just hope things get straightened out and the changes that happen every other week end.
KitKat16 KitKat16
I have been buying stuff from EF for the past 2 years now, lol. I didn't even know I could get points on items those first few items I got! I've only just discovered the forums with all the conversation on products and such, it's really great and informative, however, it is a bit sad that there has been such controversy this past month...I hope it gets all straightened out as I think the community aspect of this site is really wonderful!
never shy never shy
I will be around just not as often and not as many reviews
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