Anti-choice laws in Virginia - what do they mean for women?

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Anti-choice laws in Virginia - what do they mean for women?

Silverdrop Silverdrop
From what I've read, there are two laws about to be passed in Virginia. One of them changes the legal definition of a "person" to start from conception, and the other requires women who are seeking an abortion to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

I guess the point of the first one is to outlaw abortion, right? So then why the second one? And if the second one only is passed, then is that going to mean getting an ultrasound before taking emergency contraception? Are they going to have police investigate every miscarriage in case it might be a homicide? Will fertility clinics have to give rights to all the fertilized embryos in their freezers? This just boggles my mind.

I live in England, so this isn't exactly going to affect me directly, but it sounds like Virginia is a really awful place to be female right now.
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Ghost Ghost
The entire United States is an awful place to be a female.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
The TVU is another method to punish women ('Don't feel guilty enough when we force you to see the aborted fetus? We'll rape you with this thing!'), because they're actually outdated pieces of ultrasound technology that really have no use anymore (the abdominal ultrasound is much more efficient than it used to be). I saw a photo of the group who pushed for the TVU to be made into law - a group of white college girls with big hair and turtlenecks under their t-shirts and their auras screamed Church Organization. The politico who's pushing for it stated that abortion was a "lifestyle convenience" (an upper-middle class white guy saying this, so that makes him an expert on these matters) and made his case to push both laws through. Of course, these are the same people who would force a women pregnant by rape to keep the baby because it was "God's will"m and still put her through the TVU Rape).

It's a sickening thing. When we all laughed about the Indian medical community on women's reproductive health being a bunch of old men, nobody really said a thing when it turned out the American panel on women's reproductive health were a bunch of old men, too.
alliegator alliegator
I think it's shameful that so many states have passed or are trying to pass laws, often unconstitutional, that make a legal procedure "illegal" or logistically unavailable to the women who need it. All the political rhetoric that gets tossed around and somehow stupid people take it as absolute truth. Recently the whole attack on Planned Parenthood is especially stupid since not federal funds have been able to go towards abortions since the 1980s. You can't ban something that is already banned. Idiots.
geliebt geliebt
This kind of shit just keeps happening. Luckily that bill in virginia didn't pass, unless I am mistaken, but these are proposed every ten seconds it seems... I just don't get it. Why can't we just leave this ALONE already? There are a lot of REAL problems in this country that NEED attention. Lay off the reproductive rights
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
Yes, I love these Personhood laws. Because don't you know, a ball of cells constitutes as a living, breathing, thinking human being. Right. Thank god it didn't pass.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
BTW - the guy that I mentioned who pushed for this law? His wife found out. She's pulled a Lysistrata Protocol on him.
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